Sky Strippers All Inclusives – A Different Kind of Event

When organizing a Girls Night Out or hens nights in Melbourne, there are several things to put under consideration. You certainly want an upbeat event for your girls, an event laced with lots of drinks, in most cases, topless male strippers to keep every girl in the mood.

If you wish to make your event exceptional, you definitely need to opt for Sky Strippers’ amazing packages, especially the all inclusives.

Why Sky Strippers Stand Out

Among many other interesting features, Sky Strippers boasts of some of the best male strippers in Melbourne. Jack Falcon and a host of other hot and brimming male strippers can turn a seemingly lifeless event into the talk of the town.

Every girl loves to be entertained by hot topless male strippers. With Sky Strippers, you are sure to get much more than you ever bargained for. No matter your location in Victoria, Sky Strippers topless waiters are available to entertain your guests in-house.

The male strippers can offer their topnotch services to you no matter the venue you choose for the event, you can even have the event in a local function room or an Air BnB. No matter what you want for your hens nights in Melbourne, you can have a stress-free party filled with a lot of fun, excitement, and activity.

Sky Strippers’ All Inclusives Packages

Sky Strippers’ events are filled with lots of activities, fun, and events. The all-inclusives feature a lot of packages from a 2-hour trip to the air-superiority.

  • 2-Hour Trip (Mobile Bar)

This is definitely the package you should go for if you are low on budget. Although this package has fewer features, it does not disappoint. The Mobile Bar features 2 hours of unlimited drink, unlimited specialty shots, 1 sexy topless waiter and several optional features. This package is suitable for 10 guests or more.

  • 4-Hour Flight (Mobile Club)

If you want a better service than the mobile bar, the mobile club might be the right option for you. Suitable for 15 guests or more, this package offers a lot of features including everything available in mobile bar and more. You can even opt for one sexy full nude stripper performance, bottomless SS specialty cocktail, and so forth.

  • Glam (Mobile Bar and Limo)

Also suitable for 15 guests or more, Glam offers a rich package that could serve as an alternative to mobile club with even better and richer package. You can opt for sexy full nude stripper performance, two sexy topless waiters, unlimited specialty shots, and so on.

  • The Vegas Strip Package

Vegas Strip is exceptional and definitely the option you should go for if you want to keep things a bit conservative while still enjoying most features of Sky Strippers. It features 2 sexy full nude stripper performance, 3 complimentary bottles of champagne, 90 minutes group activity and more.

  • Air Superiority

This package is for the queens looking for king strippers and topless waiters. Although expensive, this package is worth every iota of the dollar you spend. It includes a full suite of Sky Strippers’ features including one full nude mid-air stripper performance, 2 full nude stripper performance, 3 gorgeous topless waiters, limo ride from airport to CBD, limo pickup to your luxury accommodation, to mention a few.

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