Why should you shop online for your sex toys?

Over the last couple of years, we have seen a massive increase in online e-commerce stores, and purchases being made on these stores. One of the main reasons why people are buying from online stores is due to the fact that it is quick and easy to find the products which they are looking for, and they don’t have to drive to the store to buy the item if they can get the same item delivered in some cases a fraction of the time.

The other trend which we have seen explode of the last couple of years, especially after E.L James released her award-winning book, Fifty Shades of Grey”, is an increase in the sex toy market.

There are three theories as to why this is happening,

  1. People are now finding out about sex toys
  2. People are only comfortable talking about sex and sex toys after the mainstreaming of sex
  3. People are interested in spicing up their sex lives so they are now buying sex toys

Out of the three options, the options which are most believable is option two and three, the reason why option one is not even a possibility is due to there being no way, nobody knew about sex toys as they have been around for the same amount of time as the world’s oldest profession, prostitution.

So why are people only comfortable about speaking about sex now?

One of the big things that the government and the church did was they made sure that sex, alcohol, and drugs became taboo and everybody caught indulging in the partaking’s of the forbidden fruit would be sent to live an eternity in hell.

This was a clever way to try and control the populace and for many years it was a good way to maintain control of rebellious behavior.

The first real-time where people begin to speak about sex and whether it was ok, was when magazines like Playboy started to gain popularity within communities and as mentioned before when Fifty Shades of Grey was published the world went insane, and sex toy sales began to rise and it became mainstream for couples and singles to use sex toys.

So why should you shop online?

If you are looking at buy sex toys, but are not comfortable buying your toys at the local sex shop, an awesome alternative is to go online to one of the top online sex stores like Cirillas for example. Browse what you are looking for, select it and pay.

The nice thing about most online sex stores is that when your toys are delivered they are delivered in a discreet manner, meaning that your neighbors will think that you are getting a normal parcel in the mail and not a box full of toys and other naughty goodies.

This allows you to feel comfortable without having to run into anybody that you might know at the local sex store or even your friends and family finding out about your sex toys in the mail.

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