What is the Formula for Finding the Perfect Partner?

Maths might not be the first discipline you turn to when looking for love, but could it actually help you when it comes to finding your perfect partner?

Of course, maths doesn’t initially seem like the most romantic of disciplines, but according to a new infographic from Serenata Flowers, it might just be a good option if you’re struggling to find the one you want to spend your life with.

The infographic pulls together a range of sources to look at the science and mathematics of love, and includes a fascinating equation from mathematician Hannah Fry:

Although it might look complicated, but all you really need to know is that the answer to the equation is 37%, which means that to find your perfect partner, you should reject the first 37% of suitors.

So, let’s say you start dating by the age of 15, and you want to settle down by the time you’re 40. That means you should reject anyone you meet before the age of 24, and then pick the next person you meet who is better than everyone else you met before that age.

It might seem a very clinical way to pick a partner, but according to Dr Fry, this could be one of the most sure-fire ways to avoid all the heartache associated with spending years with the wrong person and may just mean you end up with your perfect match.

So, the next time you’re being chatted up in a bar, grab a pen and paper and see whether or not you’re past the 37% mark – if you are, they might just be worth considering!

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