What Brides Should See on Their Plates

Brides should eat well. When you are faced with a closet full of wedding dresses, a host of caterers and flower choices, you are bound to get your head spinning and reach for the nearest source of food. So make sure you are reaching for the right type of food. Here are the food items every bride should see on their plates.

Fill up on fruits and vegetables

Draw a line across your plate. Choose either half and fill it with fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are low on calories but they are rich in healthy vitamins and minerals that will keep you healthy and disease free. They are also rich in fiber that will fill you up and give you energy throughout the day. Choose brightly colored fruits and vegetables because they have higher amounts of vitamins and minerals and they are more appetizing.

You may be thinking that eating a lot of lettuce every meal can be boring. You may be right. The secret to sustaining a diet filled with fruits and vegetables is to include as many kinds as possible. Swap your everyday lettuce with cabbage, broccoli, kale and other greens that are available in your local market.

medium_7966338954Have a rotation of fruits every meal. Eat an abundance of naturally sweet fruits and vegetables to keep you from reaching for those calorie and sugar laden desserts. Fruits and vegetables not only help you lose weight and fit into your dream wedding dress, it also improves your skin making you a truly blushing bride.

Get some healthy proteins

Burgers and hotdogs may be an easy fix given your busy wedding planning schedule but this source of calories and a lot of diseases like heart diseases and diabetes. It can also give you those unwanted bulges that are very unflattering to your wedding dress. It leaves you feeling tired and sleepy, not to mention guilty. Switch to healthy protein sources like fish, chicken, beans and nuts. Avoid processed meat and limit your consumption of red meat.

Whole grains are better than just grains

medium_4396695190There are many sources of grains such as rice, bread and pasta. They are important because they are energy giving foods and what a bride needs while planning her wedding is more energy. You need to consume grains throughout the day so make sure you are eating the healthy kind. Switch your white rice, white bread and white pasta for healthier options like whole grain pasta, whole wheat bread and brown rice. These options are good for you and they are a healthier source of sugar.

What is beside your plate counts too

Sugary drinks often look colorful and attractive but your bride to be body might just disagree. Sweet sugary drinks are filled with empty calories that lead to weight loss and a host of other diseases that will ruin your happily ever after. Stay away from alcoholic beverages will mess up your flower choices and your wedding band selection. The best choice is to drink water. It hydrates you through all that dress and shoe fittings. It also aids in digestion and helps your immune system. Coffee, tea and milk have some health benefits too but they should be kept to a minimum.

A hungry bride is an angry bride so make sure you get healthy meals that will leave you feeling satisfied and ready for all the challenges coming your way.

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