Wedding Theme Trends for 2014

1wA woman’s wedding day is the most important day in her life, so it is undeniably important that the entire event is a reflection of the bride’s taste and style. Thankfully, the wedding trends of 2014 are all about putting the bride’s signature touches on the special day. From quirky wedding venues to alternative bouquets to eye catching hues, the year’s hottest wedding trends put the bride securely in the driver’s seat.


Color Trends

This year’s hottest wedding colors are cool and calm. Neutral palettes have been spotted at the trendiest weddings throughout the country. Natural greens, browns and even grays are popular and allow the organic beauty of the bride and her party to shine. Not only covering the wedding venue, grays and off-whites are increasingly popular choices for wedding dresses. Dark navy blues are also trending as popular wedding shades. The dark but elegant blues pop against an all white backdrop and add a dramatic flair. For a more feminine look, Vera Wang’s Fall 2014 bridal couture collection has solidified pink as the shade of the day. A classic making a comeback, brides everywhere are feeling pretty in pink, from decorative accents to the gown itself.


Venue Trends

What is a beautiful color palette without a unique venue to decorate? This year, brides everywhere are thinking outside of the box when it comes to their wedding’s location. Thought there is still room for the traditional chapel or backyard affair, weddings this year have moved to more quirky venues. Vintage theaters are high on the list for couples looking to tie the knot. With an atmosphere of old Hollywood and silver screened themes, these theaters are perfect for film and vintage lovers alike. Couples looking to defy tradition are also looking at museums. From natural science museums to even children’s museums, these venues add immeasurable amounts of fun to any event. With so many museums to choose from, it is easy to select a venue that reflects the interests of any couple.


The Cake

Wedding cakes too, are being revamped for the new wedding season. Moving beyond the perfect, though sometimes pasty, fondant covered confections, brides everywhere are going for a more natural taste. The so-called “naked” wedding cake is shamelessly taking center stage at weddings. Simply a cake with no outer frosting or decoration, a naked cake allows the taste of the cake, rather than its decorations, to shine. When going for a decorated cake, brides are still choosing more understated trimmings. Swapping ribbon for expertly cut burlap gives today’s wedding cakes a rustic, yet elegant look. The natural beige of burlap in a simple cake trip can complement the seasons popular neutral color schemes.


A Touch of DIY

Finally, this year’s wedding line-up is all about signature, do-it-yourself pieces. Brides everywhere are dusting off their crafting kits to add a personal flare to their special days. Creating a handmade invitation, or a bouquet made of antique broaches allows brides to let their creative sides shine through. Though more complicated aspects of wedding planning, such as catering, should be left to professional vendors, brides should not fear taking out a glue gun to make a few personalized touches throughout their day.

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