Wedding Car Costs and Grand Entrances

Many brides and grooms want to arrive to their wedding in style. It can help them make a grand entrance, impress their guests and/or set the mood or tone for the whole wedding. If you are starting to plan your wedding, you may be curious as to how much each of these options cost and what factors affect the price. Here is a bit of information about various car options for a wedding.Ivorycars003

Limo Rental Expenses

It is extremely common for brides to rent limos to transport themselves and their bridal party to their wedding location. The average price for a standard limo is $65 to $100 per hour. Obviously, the number of hours you need the limo for will affect the final price. Other factors that affect the price include the number of people the limo needs to transport, whether you want specialty limos, such as Hummer limos and what features you want in the limo. Some of the features that can be present in the limo include an open mini bar, specialty lighting or flat screen televisions. Some companies will give you a deal if you rent the limo for the whole day versus only part of the day, so keep this in mind, as you may not only want to arrive in style, you may want to leave your wedding in style as well. A new definition of driver should be discussed before you choose which route to take.

Vintage Car Rental Expenses

These days old-fashioned or vintage weddings are popular. However, a limo doesn’t fit in with the theme of a vintage wedding. As such, brides are looking to rent vintage cars to transport them to their wedding. On average, vintage cars cost $100 to $300 per hour. Typically vintage cars that are rare or pricey, such as Rolls Royce, cost more per hour than cheaper vintage cars. Other factors that affect the price include whether a driver is included or not, the number of miles the car will be driven that day, and availability. If you are dead set on a car that has already been rented for the day, the rental company may be able to accommodate your request by renting one from another company or private party, which drives the cost up.

Sports Car Rental Expenses

If you are having a modern or luxurious wedding, and you are looking for a show stopper car to transport you to your wedding, you may be thinking about renting a sports car, luxury vehicle or exotic car. This includes brands such as Porsches and Lamborghinis. These cars can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars per day to rent. The factors that affect the price you will pay include availability in your area, the number of miles the car will be driven, the value of the car and the additional insurance package that most rental companies require you to obtain before renting the car.

Carriage Rental Expenses

The last mode of transportation you may be thinking of obtaining for your wedding is not a car, but it is a common way that brides make it to their weddings. If you are having a romantic or fairytale wedding, you might be looking to rent a horse-drawn carriage to be transported to or from your wedding. On average, carriage rentals cost $200 to $1000 dollars. The factors that determine how much you will pay include the length of time you need the carriage, how far the company has to transport the horse and carriage and how much weight the carriage will need to transport.

Taking the time to get price quotes and making sure your drivers have passed defensive driving courses from various wedding car or transportation rental companies will help you find the rental company that is reasonably priced and offers the best deal for you. This can help ensure you have the transportation of your dreams for your big day.

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