Wedding Anniversary Milestones

Large wedding anniversary milestones are times which you can look forward to and spend your time and money on, but it can sometimes be challenging coming up with ideas that will make the events memorable and unique. If you’re struggling, we’ve taken 3 anniversary milestones and created celebration ideas to help.

5 Years

The traditional gift for the 5 year wedding anniversary is wood. One way to turn this into a great celebration could be for you and your spouse to take your friends along to a log cabin in the woods for a weekend getaway.

You could have a fantastic party on your first night, and then spend the weekend completing activities such as river rafting, archery and hiking, which all feed into the wood theme.

Don’t forget to thank your friends and family for celebrating along with you by giving them an anniversary favour like the ones from Just Miniatures – they’re sure to show your guests your appreciation.

10 Years

After ten years of marriage, the traditional gift is tin or aluminium.  In recent years, this has translated to diamonds, so what better way to celebrate your marriage than with a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the birthplace of the diamond: South Africa.

South Africa has the most prolific output of diamonds out of all places in the world which mines them, and there are many great experiences to be had there.

Take, for example, a stay at CAPE Grace, Cape Town’s most luxury waterfront hotel, where you can enjoy a pampered 3-night stay and take home a special gift of a quarter carat diamond which is sure to make sure you never forget the special occasion.

20 Years

At first glance, you might think that it would be difficult to find a special anniversary theme for the traditional 20 years gift: china.  China used to represent perfect romance, and how better could you show your spouse your affection than by taking them on a holiday to China?

Yes, this one has the potential to be expensive, but it’s a one-time-only experience which you’ll never forget, so it’s worth it.  You might even visit the V&A museum which houses one of the finest collections of fine china available in the UK.


So there you have it, 3 wedding anniversary milestones and creative ideas for how to enjoy them.  These events only occur once in a lifetime, so make sure you make the most of them.

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