Wear Pretty Flats for a Better Wedding

You’ve imagined every detail of your special day– the place settings, the flowers, and your husband-to-be’s face when he lays eyes on the radiant vision that is you. You’ve carefully considered colors, invitations, and seating arrangements. You’ve planned thoroughly and joyfully. What you probably haven’t factored in, though, are blisters, torn hems, and turned ankles. These are the unfortunate risks of going with the traditional choice in bridal footwear: high heels. They’re beautiful and elegant, but will almost certainly cloud your perfect day with some level of discomfort. A pretty pair of flats offers the same elegance with none of the risks. Consider these benefits of bridal flats when planning your apparel.

1. Comfort


It’s going to be a long, wonderful day, and you’re going to be on your feet for most of it. Comfortable flats will allow you to relax and enjoy the celebrations free of pain and discomfort. You should be dreaming about your future, not about the moment when you’ll finally get to take your shoes off.


2. Safety


This is particularly important if you’re having an outdoor wedding. High heels can sink into soft, uneven ground, creating a very real falling hazard.  An indoor wedding has its own dangers; stairs, thresholds, and area rugs can trip you up. Your focus should be the handsome man waiting for you at the end of the aisle, not how to get there without taking a spill. You’ll practically float down the aisle in a gorgeous pair of bridal flats.


3. Glamour


You won’t be sacrificing this by choosing flats over heels. Bridal flats are gaining popularity, and many designers have embraced them, creating stunning footwear options that just happen to also be practical and fun. Dainty pearls, ornate lace, and satin bows adorn delicately beautiful flat-heeled shoes. High heels may have their charms, but there is nothing glamorous about hobbling to the dance floor or catching your heel in the hem of your dress. A radiant smile and a comfortable stride will have you glowing with beauty from first kiss to last dance.


Comfortable and elegant flats can only make a perfect day even better. They’ll free you from the distraction of uncomfortable shoes; when you remember your wedding day, you’ll remember how happy you were and what a great time everybody had, not how badly your feet hurt. Flat bridal shoes are a pretty and practical wedding day option.

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