Waxing service is a classic in modern cosmetology

Appearance goddess silk well-groomed skin and heart, open life – the basic features for a long time defining feminine beauty.

All women are beautiful, individual and unique in its own way, but this beauty, unfortunately, need to maintain, preserve and enhance, emphasizing the individual qualities and getting rid of the drawbacks. Modern society places high demands on the fair sex – smooth and silky skin on the legs, arms and bikini area, no antennae – is a kind of calling card of a real woman. 

Waxing Become perfect in several ways. One of the most common and affordable ways of getting rid of unwanted hair is shaving. But, despite the simplicity and cheapness of its application, it is necessary to shave almost every week, besides, after shave, after a few days on the shaved areas appear tough “male” bristles, which does not correspond to the image of the ideal woman. But there is a more feminine hair removal method, namely waxing…

Waxing is almost the most effective method of removing unwanted “vegetation”, besides waxing – it’s relatively inexpensive, practical and gives good cosmetic results method.

History brought to us the information that something like waxing Egyptian queen Nefertiti applied. She smeared his body special viscous mass that Nefertiti tore along with the hair, after this mass hardens. Modern technology and the development of the story and corrected now, instead of “viscous mass” when applied wax depilation wax. By the way, waxing has another (natural) name – bioepilyatsiya (waxing, from the English Wax – wax).

Waxing service modern cosmetology 

Of course, waxing is not always and not all pleasant procedure, but with regular (once a month) use, it becomes familiar and not as painful as the first time since hairs at constant waxing become thin, did not take hold and grow less.

In my practice, I use two types of wax: hot (solid) and warm (soft)

When waxing hot wax containing a variety of herbal supplements is heated in a professional tools for depilation within 30 minutes to a temperature of 55-60 C. Then heated wax is applied with a spatula (individually for each client), and removed by hand. Hot wax is sufficiently ductile and perfectly removes hair at different lengths, which is especially handy when you have to work hard and thick hair. Hot wax is specially designed for wax depilation sensitive areas (bikini, underarms and face).

For hair removal of body parts such as arms, legs and back warm wax is used in magazines, which is heated in a special heater (Tools for depilation) for 20-25 minutes until the liquid state, the melting point of the wax is 45-50 C. The heater is equipped with a built-in thermostat, whereby the possibility of burns is reduced to zero. After the warm wax is applied to the area of ??hair removal, when applied to the skin, it immediately cools to body temperature and removed a special paper strip for hair removal.

After waxing procedure uses special natural remedy that has a calming effect and also relieves irritation and removes waxing residue.

Remember that well-groomed appearance betrays the confidence and keeps you in a good mood, as well as very often is the key to professional success for the modern man.

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