Top Must-Do Trips BEFORE you Get Married

Getting married will be one of the most fantastic days of your life, but the life you have directly leading up to it will also contain some of the most stressful days you’ve ever had. To lessen that pain a little, you may want to take a few trips before you ever even have to hit that hurdle. But before you get in your car to see the great states of America, you may want to keep your safety in mind. A defensive driving course can really make your road trips a lot less likely to end in a fiery wreck on the side of the road. Or, you know, a speeding ticket — one or the other.

Niagara Falls

For so long, this place was known as the honeymoon capital of the world. But we think it’s worth a lot more if you go before you get married rather than after. While some of shops and restaurants surrounding the falls are a tad tourist-y (we obviously mean tacky), there’s really nothing that compares to going on the Maid of the Mist and seeing the falls in their natural splendor. Take a picnic of your favorite foods, and hang out in one of the many parks that surround the main attraction. And remember that love has nothing to do with a ring or a piece of paper.


On the other side of the country, you’ll find the national park in California that’s a brand-new sensation! Ok, maybe it’s not brand new, but perhaps it’s brand new to the two of you. This is a time for both of you to challenge yourselves before you tie the knot. So, before you find out how much is a New Jersey speeding ticket, see what you’re really made of. There are so many hikes that will take you to your outermost limits, though be forewarned that they’ll get you into shape faster than you ever wanted to. Hopefully you both end up helping one another rather than trying to throw each other off the top of the cliff it took you 6 hours just to reach.


In Colorado, you’ll find a beautiful town tucked into the mountains known as Ouray or Little Switzerland (depending on who you ask.) You would be forgiven if you felt like you stepped into a tourist book as soon as you step foot in Ouray, because it’s just so adorable and romantic. This is a good place to rediscover each other, chat up some friendly locals, and try your hand at a bumpy ride in an SUV. Just be forewarned that if the question of Yahoo or Google may be a little moot when you’re in the more remote spots of the town.


From incredible BBQ to all the country music memorabilia you can buy, this city has some truly amazing gems for a quick weekend getaway. If the two of you are lovebirds who are also foodies, then you’re definitely not going to miss this one. Just remember that it’s worth fitting in here. Not because the locals will be mad if you don’t, but because it’s never the wrong time to don a cowboy hat and boots. Plus, you won’t feel out of place there the second you put them on.

More Tips

Really anywhere you want to go can be a beautiful place to connect or reconnect before you get married. Just make sure that you plan, and don’t take any of your experiences for granted. If you’re looking for the best driving directions, then MapQuest really can’t be beat.

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