Top Five Unique Gifts for Your Wedding Guests

There is so much thought, time, energy, and money that goes into wedding planning and of course the bride and groom want everything to be perfect. One area of the planning process that can lead to some stress is figuring out the perfect gift to give to your guests. Whether you choose to give a gift to each guest or one per family, there is still the question of what to (1)

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In order to take some of that stress off your plate we’ve put together a list of the top five unique gifts that you can give to your wedding guests.

Customized Coffee Mugs

Instead of gifting your guests with something they really can’t use or need, why not give them something that is sure to be appreciated? Providing customized coffee mugs at your wedding is sure to surprise your guests in all the right way. You can have a logo made on the coffee mug with the date of your wedding and your names, making it something special and memorable.

Customized Drink Coasters

Another route you can take as far as customized gifts go is to have customized coasters made up. You can choose the material the coaster is made from, have words, dates, or images printed on them, and then give them out as a set of four. If you keep the design simple and basic, your guests will likely get more use out of them.

Mixed CD

Are you working on a tight budget but still want to come up with that perfect gift? A mixed CD gives you the chance to share some of your favorite songs as a couple with all your loved ones and friends. Be sure to include the song that acts as your first dance as a couple.

Share the Bubbly

What’s a wedding without a wedding toast? With that in mind you can send your guests home with some bubbly of their own so they can do some toasting. Mini bottles of champagne with a beautiful ribbon and tag tied around each one is an elegant touch. If you are putting together a formal wedding, this gift is well-suited to the occasion.

Photo Frames

This gift requires a bit of planning but it will all be worth it. For this gift you’ll need a photo frame for each of your guests, and a photo to place in it. You can use a picture from an engagement photo shoot, the two of you on vacation somewhere, sharing a quiet moment, or any other picture you like. You can then place a picture frame at each person’s place setting so as they come in and sit down, they will be greeted with the gift. As an added bonus, this gift can work as décor in the room.

Unique Gifts are Ones with Thought Put in Them

A unique gift is really a gift that has thought and meaning behind it. These gifts don’t have to be expensive but instead create a lasting memory.

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