Top Amazing National Parks

One thing that is great about America is its abundance of national parks. From coast to coast there are limitless options to take in some natural beauty. Whether you prefer beaches or a forest, America has it all to offer. If you decide to get an annual pass, you can visit any national park that you set your mind to, and can see some of the best parts of the country while you’re at it. After learning about AZ emissions testing – what you need to know, you will be ready to see what America really has to offer and learn about the history certain cities and states.

From California to Florida, the United States of America is covered with preserved and cherished national parks. If you are interested in taking in a variety of scenery, you can ponder on visiting Yosemite National Park. The park includes many sights to see, from waterfalls to expansive mountains to forests of trees older than you can imagine. You can hike and camp at this sight, and truly appreciate what nature. Yosemite is in California, and while the drive to the park will be beautiful and scenic, you might have to employ your defensive driving skills to stick it out on their highways! But the beauty is unparalleled and worth any potential traffic in the world. There are many national parks in California specifically, like Sequoia and Death Valley, and they all offer different scenery and views to appreciate.

If you are on the west coast, California doesn’t have to be your only stop on a national park tour. The Arches National Park in Utah provides you with rock forms that have taken years and years to develop. You can soak in their beauty while hunting for balancing rock towers to look at while you contemplate life. The Grand Canyon is a must-see, as it is also listed as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Many people flock to this giant hole in the earth to wonder how it got there and how we got to where we are. You can even hike on trails into the canyon to get a closer look. Even the Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado can show you something you would never get to see in your everyday life. Here you can see the tallest dunes in America, and even view the lakes and mountains that accompany the dunes. The west coast can present such a variety of natural beauty that we sometimes overlook. There are so many different environments in our bewitching country, and all it takes is for you to make the journey to it.

The east coast and in between have many national park features as well. Congaree National Park in South Carolina gives you an experience that you may not experience at any other national park. The park contains some of the tallest trees on the east coast and you can even walk over the swamp-like flooded area. There are many activities to be had at this park, and many critters to observe that you may not see elsewhere. The Biscayne National Park in Florida is also a place to indulge in activities to truly take in the beauty of the environment. You can take in the coral reefs while snorkeling, or even try your hand at diving to get a closer look. If you feel like heading up north to Alaska, Glacier Bay National Park is a great place to start. You can witness firsthand the beauty of the state as well as how our earth is changing over time.

No matter where you are in America, there is a national park for you. If you are interested in accomplishing outdoor activities or just want to sit back and relax and consume the natural beauty of the world, national parks are your answer.

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