Top 15 Engraved Wedding Gifts for Any Budget

Wedding gifts are something that the couple always remembers about. So if you want to be in the couple’s favorite list, you might want to put some thought into the gift. Customized or personalized gifts hold the greatest impact compared to other normal presents. One of the simplest and most impactful personalized presents is the engraved gifts.

If budget is a concern to you, you can find plenty of affordable wedding gift items from the whole blossoms website.

  1. Serving tray

A serving tray would be a very useful gift for the couple. They will get plenty of those from the guests. If you engrave it with the initials of the couple’s name, your one will stand out among all the other serving trays. If you are low on budget, go for the wooden trays as engraving on wooden items is cheaper. To get even at a cheaper rate go through online websites such as whole blossoms and get some standardized engraved trays.

  1. Bracelet

Engraved jewelries can be expensive if you don’t know the right trick. Neckpieces and jewelries with precious stones will make your budget a lot higher. Usually engraving on a bracelet is easier to do. Either pick a moderate priced bracelet and get that engraved with the couple’s names or buy a standardized engraved bracelet with the couple’s initials.

  1. Christmas ornament

The couple will spend many Christmas together and a Christmas ornament is a budget friendly and thoughtful present. Engrave it with a message or the couple’s name. This shouldn’t cost you more than 20 dollars.

  1. Wooden spoons

Kitchen tools are a common wedding gift. However, you can make things interesting for the couple with some wooden spoons. It’s easier to engrave on wooden products. You can get the couples’ initials engraved or monogrammed. For even cheaper options, just buy the standardized Mr. and Mrs. monogrammed wooden spoons.

  1. Flower vase

Flower vase would be wonderful décor piece for the newly wedded couple. Get the vase engraved with a message or meaningful word. You can even get them DIY flower vases. To complete the present, give the couple a flower bouquet from whole blossoms.

  1. Cushions

You can customize or personalize cushions in various ways. The shape can be different and so can the pictures or messages inside it. Get the message monogrammed or stitched in the cushion. Stitching is more cost-effective in this case.

  1. Mugs

Mugs are everyday regular products and you must be wondering how these are unique gifts for the couple. Well, all you need is the right idea. Get the couple’s initials printed there or get the standardized couple mugs with funny messages or quotes.

  1. Photo-frame

A simple photo frame is good enough as a wedding gift. You can also get engraved ones with unique messages from online or through local stores.

  1. Door mat

Door mats are actually interesting gifts to give the couple. A welcoming door mat is something unusual that the couples’ usually like. You can also make it personalized with Mr. and Mrs. engraved on it.

  1. Photo-album

This is one of the most budget friendly and useful options for the couples. Get the couple a photo-album with their names printed or engraved on it. Don’t go for standardized products in this regard as it will become common then.

  1. Key ring

A key ring maybe a small present but how you represent it is important. Engrave it with the couple’s initials and send them a handwritten note saying, ‘key to start your new and beautiful journey’.

  1. Fridge magnet

Fridge magnets engraved can be interesting and unique gift that the couple would like.

  1. Monogrammed T-shirts

Get the monogrammed t-shirts for the couple with funny messages. Buy the free-sized t-shirts if you are unaware of the size.

  1. A message

A short message engraved on a wooden platform would be thoughtful present for the couple that can be used as a décor piece.

  1. Wine decanter

An engraved wine decanter would be a romantic an useful present for the couple. The gift may be small, but adding a short message to it can make it unique.

Budget is not an issue if you are looking for impactful presents. All you need to do is come up with an innovative idea.

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