Tackling Your Big Day with the DIY Approach


Every so often the newspapers will report on a story of a wedding being put together on a budget of several hundred pounds although before you get your hopes up, this next article is by no means going to show you how to achieve this. Instead, we’re going to take a look at some of the common DIY methods to shave money off your big day, without compromising its quality.

Unfortunately, while you won’t be investing your salary into these tips, each one will still add a considerable amount of time to the preparation. With the typical wedding said to consume around 250 hours of a couples’ time, it goes without saying that you should bear this in mind before taking the plunge and opting to get stuck into some of these tasks without the help of a professional supplier.

We’ll now take a look at our favourite four favourite ways to knock the figures off that ever-increasing wedding bill, by simply getting your hands dirty…


This is probably one of the easiest DIY solutions you can take advantage of and you don’t even need to own that expensive graphics software to achieve it. Admittedly, if you are a dab-hand at Photoshop the effect is going to be even better, but this really isn’t necessary and basic computer knowledge is likely to suffice. In fact, if you are particularly artistic, designing the invitations by hand is even an option. The point we’re trying to make is that you shouldn’t be spending a small fortune on wedding invitations and if you take the DIY approach, you can keep the costs down to paper and ink.

Table Linen

Those couples that have already got in touch with a venue will have probably already begun the haggling for exactly what is included in their package. One of the issues which is commonly debated is table linen, with many venues charging extra to provide this. Admittedly, certain wedding reception venues in Suffolk will supply it as part of the basic cost, but if you were to venture out closer to the capital you’d most certainly be charged for this “extra”. Therefore, if it is going to hit your pocket, take matters into your own hands. White lace tablecloths are now incredibly cheap to purchase and as long as you have taken the table measurements correctly, you won’t even need to jump on the sewing machine to make any alterations.


If you haven’t started organising your big day yet, you’re sure to be in for a big surprise when it comes to the cost of flowers. While they are by no means the biggest expense associated with the occasion, they can turn out to be pricy especially when you’re set to place centrepieces on every table at the reception.

There’s a reason why florists charge the earth for their floral displays – they take skill to put together. Therefore, if you and your contacts have little creativity, this might be a difficult task to master. For those that are confident, don’t be afraid to mix up dry flowers, seed pods and anything else you can find in the garden and see what you can devise. Yes, you want to create a memorable display, but few people are going to recall the centrepieces in years to come. It’s a tiny feature of a wedding, which somehow pulls on the purse strings.


Finally, try and resist the urge to hire that expensive, local photographer. While prices for photographers vary between locations, this is a fee which always plays a large and dominant part of the expenses. If you happen to know anyone with an ounce of skill with the camera, use them. If not, at least only hire a professional for a short amount of time – it will make a huge difference to your end of wedding balance sheet.

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