Some Tips to Have the Wedding of Your Dreams

Who wouldn’t want their wedding to be perfect, worthy of a fairytale with a dress conjured up from the magic wand of their fairy godmother. However, an event like this demands a lot of planning and organisation. Here are some recommendations that will help you avoid any unnecessary complications.

Choose the theme of the wedding and the colours

Think about the type of wedding that you want, if you like the classic romantic atmosphere, go for pastel colours, with pink and ivory tones, embroidery and lace, or something more modern and light with gold or silver. The important thing is to define the theme which will be the centre of your wedding, and then based on this choose colours that you will use for the flowers, ribbons and all other kinds of decoration.

Dress, hairstyle and makeup

The theme of the dress is essential, and motivating, when it comes to planning a wedding; women love to choose their wedding dress, and involve their family and friends in helping in this important process. However, it is not just the matter of the dress. It goes hand in hand with the type of hairstyle, the veil, or other type of decorative headwear, as well as makeup for the special day. It is essential to do both hair and makeup tests and define two of the most suitable options for the wedding. Also, make sure to measure the dress 20 days before in order accommodate any changes, and ensure a perfect fit.

The cake

The most emblematic centrepiece of all weddings is the huge and sumptuous cake that is almost always located in plain sight of all the guests. You’ll no doubt have taste tests of various types of cake. Choose the three that you like initially, and go back another day to make the final decision. Make sure that the wedding cake is decorated in line with the theme, and venue, and complements the colours you chose for the flowers, etc.

The banquet

The menu offered at a wedding says a lot about the bride and groom; it should be a dish that suits both, and the guests, preferably something light, delicious and sophisticated. Luckily there are many options for wedding venue hire Yeovil offers that provide a beautiful place to celebrate and additionally include full banquet services. Choosing this type of place will be a great help in the overall wedding organisation.

The flowers

Keep in mind that the decoration should be harmonious, and each element should complement each other, and the flowers are no exception. Determine if you will choose exotic or conventional flowers, because the time required to make the flower arrangements, and the price, will vary depending on this. Look for ideas that will help you determine the type of bouquet, the centrepiece arrangements, and the decoration of the venue.

These tips will help you to stay focused on certain issues when it comes to organising your dream wedding.

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