Show Stealers, Procrastinators and Drama Queens: Strategies for Dealing with All Your Bridesmaids

You love your bridesmaids dearly; otherwise, they wouldn’t be playing such an important role in your wedding. They are all unique, each one having a different character and personality. Here are some tips for understanding the basic types of bridesmaid, from the newbie and the show stealer, to the helpful bridesmaid and the emotional one.

The Helpful Bridesmaid

This lady is the dream bridesmaid. She’s always there when you need her and she is happy and excited for you. She reminds you often that she’s always available to help out with any wedding preparations you need a hand with. And you can always count on her to listen to your wedding ideas and give you supportive feedback.

The Newbie

Not every young woman has been a bridesmaid before. You have to understand that first-timers won’t know what to expect. To avoid any misunderstandings, get your maid of honor to fill her in with the time schedule and her responsibilities. Make sure she has enough free time to fulfill them all. If it’s all written down for her, it will stop her forgetting and you won’t have an anxious bridesmaid to deal with.

The Party-girl Bridesmaid

This is the friend you want organizing your hen night. She knows all the cool places and she has all the right moves. She’ll be a sure winner when it comes to getting your wedding party up on the dancefloor, and keeping them there. Just make sure she doesn’t have too much to drink at the reception. You don’t want her staggering around all night.

The Emotional Bridesmaid

This is you sensitive friend who is so happy for you that she can’t help blubbering when she sees you in your wedding dress. Be patient with her and make sure you always have plenty of tissues close to hand.

The Show Stealer

Of course, you appreciate all the help you can get when it comes to planning your wedding, but some bridesmaids can take it a little too far, acting as though it’s their wedding. The show stealer is constantly suggesting wedding ideas and trying to change your mind on things you’ve already decided on. Watch out, she might just go a little too far if you let her.

The Complainer

Nothing is right for this bridesmaid. She will be grumping about everything, from her bridesmaid dress to her bridesmaid duties. If you find you can’t clear the air and move on, release her from her obligations.

The Anxious Bridesmaid

This girl is even more stressed out about the wedding preparations than you are. Some people just don’t handle pressure well, and the panicky bridesmaid is certainly one of them. This friend starts procrastinating over the smallest details and it you’re not careful she’ll have you feeling frantic before the wedding planning is even underway.

Bridesmaid duties can bring out the best and the worst in people, even friends you’ve known for a long time. Nobody’s perfect, but it’s a good idea to be aware of the different types of bridesmaid before the big day.

Maisie Stephens writes about weddings; aiming her articles at all members of the wedding party not just the bride or groom.

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