Planning Your Wedding Online

Planning a wedding is a huge undertaking and one that is very time consuming. One way to make it slightly less time consuming is to plan every aspect of your wedding online and avoid making plans offline.

There are websites on the Internet that can help you in all aspects of planning your wedding. In today’s digital world you can do more things online than you ever have in the past. Aside from being able to purchase everything you need for your wedding online you can also accomplish tasks such as sending out digital invitations, setting up a wedding website and signing up for a wedding registry online.bride-computer

Creating a comprehensive checklist

Obtaining a checklist of tasks you need to do and the timeline in which you should do them in is possible on the Internet. Checklists can even be divided up according to the responsibilities of key members of the wedding party, such as bride, groom, best man and maid or matron of honor.

There are also websites that can give you tips and pointers on writing your wedding speech/toast and vows. These are things that can easily be done from home, especially thanks to the Internet. Wedding vows and speeches can be typed up on your computer and printed out so that you can either memorize them or have them in your hand at the appropriate time.

Plan your wedding with the services you need

By using an online wedding planner such as Book of Weddings you can plan every aspect of your wedding. Brides can check their budget and search for wedding suppliers in their area, arrange a meeting with them and use the online checklist to make sure everything is done and dusted.

Finding the perfect venue and services for your wedding

Choosing a venue for your wedding ceremony and reception online can be done if you are flexible. Most wedding venues post pictures on their websites that you can view to determine if you like the venue. In some cases you might find a wedding venue website that gives you a virtual 3D tour. Chatting with someone who works for the venue can often be done through live chat features as well as video conferencing software such as Skype. This allows you to confine your planning to the Internet only, which can be a relief for couples who don’t have the time or desire to meet with a wedding venue representative in person.

If you want feedback on your plans from your wedding party or guests you can obtain it online by emailing a wedding planning survey to them. This can help you determine factors such as how far people are willing to travel to be at your wedding. It can also help you determine the dishes you will serve at your reception and even the music your band or DJ will play.

Once it comes time to find a bakery and a catering company to provide the dessert and dishes for your wedding reception and/or your cocktail hour you can also do so online. If you know exactly what flavor wedding cake you want, you can order it online without having to go to the bakery to sample their products.

Using these tips and ideas you can plan 100% of your wedding online. There is no need to spend time and money traveling to places in order to make plans.

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