Our Autumn/Winter 2016 Wedding Outfits Roundup

Recently, finding and buying a perfect wedding outfit has become a lot easier. More and more mainstream retailers are stocking designs that are designed for those who have been lucky enough to be invited to a wedding. Many are taking things a step further, and are now selling stylish yet affordable bridesmaid dresses.

To help you to find the best of these, we have put together this quick guide to what you can expect to find available for the autumn/winter season.

Bridesmaid dresses

We are starting with bridesmaid dresses, because we know that many of our readers find choosing these difficult. Most brides already know what their dream dress looks like before they go shopping. But, typically, they struggle when it comes to their bridesmaid outfits. Finding a style of dress that will work for a group of women who are all different shapes, sizes and ages is not easy.

Usually the best approach is to choose a colour and theme, and take it from there rather than force everyone to wear exactly the same dress. That way everyone can wear a cut that suits them.

Buying from the shops enables everyone to try the dresses on. If necessary, a good seamstress, or tailor, can then adapt them to suit the wearer’s body shape and style, and ensure that they fit properly.

Full-length dresses are in vogue

Right now, there is a good choice of bridesmaid dresses available on the High Street. This year, most are full length, which is perfect for an autumn or winter wedding. Pairing these with a luxury shawl or wrap enables you to ensure that your bridesmaids do not get too cold. The last thing you need is for your wedding photos to feature people grimacing rather than smiling naturally because their teeth are chattering.

Embellished dresses

Many of the dresses that are currently available are beautifully embellished, which makes them perfect for a wedding. You will also find stunning lace and crochet versions in the shops, which are would be perfect for a maid of honour or bridesmaid.

Warm autumnal colours

The colours that are available this year are great for an autumn or winter wedding. There are some very nice russet and red dresses in the shops. Most designers have opted for a warm colour palette, which works really well set against the backdrop of an autumn or winter landscape.

Wedding outfits for all age groups

A member of the wedding party or guests could easily wear many of the dresses that we have seen in the shops. Buying dresses for weddings, from High Street stores has never been easier. Retailers are now genuinely managing to cater for people of all ages, shapes and sizes. They are increasingly producing high quality, elegant clothes that are ideal for weddings, and other special occasions.

As more and more retailers enter the market, prices are falling, and the quality is going up. In addition, if you choose wisely, you will be able to wear the dress to a party for Christmas or the New Year.

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