Original Gothic Wedding Ideas

Having a Gothic style wedding should never be about attention seeking or doing something different just for the sake of it – they should represent your lifestyle and personality. If you and your fiancé are a member of the Gothic subculture, then by all means have a Gothic wedding.


The venue you choose should represent the Gothic culture. Although there are plenty of venues out there, they will rarely be suitable for such an event. Castles are quite often the closest representation of Gothic architecture. If you’d like to take an original approach, consider using an old prison. Many pre-1900 prisons are often available to hire for functions and can be an excellent representation of your dark style.


You may think that Gothic is the theme; however, there are plenty of other sub-subcultures within the Gothic label. For example, Gothabilly has risen significantly in popularity over the past few years. This unique style is a combination of rockabilly and Goth. To have a gothabilly style wedding, you can’t ignore the fashion – rockabilly dresses and greaser jackets combined with dark makeup.


Okay, this may not be too important, but consider the significance of the date. It may be difficult to have a wedding on Halloween or Friday 13th, but it would certainly make the whole event more interesting.


Do not confuse décor with the venue. The décor is the interior design of the venue. Make sure you find out how much flexibility you have before you start planning. Incorporate your theme into the décor. For example, if you’re going for a rockabilly vibe, then 50’s and 60’s style tables and chairs could blend nicely. Think about the colors you want to use. Obviously black and red are crucial, but another accent such as turquoise may also look unique if you’re going for a gothabilly theme.

Hair and Makeup

Accentuate your Gothic style with black hair and makeup. Remember it’s your spotlight and you are supposed to be the centre of attention. The Gothic subculture is built upon views that don’t conform to the mainstream so don’t be afraid to show your true colors.


Your dress is without a doubt the most important aspect of your look. Whether you want to look like a 60’s gothabilly housewife or a Victorian queen, remember to keep your overall theme in mind. While you probably want to dress in black, consider buying your bridesmaids white to provide a little contrast.

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Josefine Andreasson is a Swedish fashion blogger. She specializes in alternative style and is currently in the process of starting her own vintage clothing store.

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