Make Your Dream Wedding A Reality

When it comes to creating your dream wedding, any bride will tell you that attention to detail is essential – and that the hard work you do now will really pay off on your big day!

Whether your dream wedding is an intimate family affair, an outdoor celebration or an elegant indoor function at a chic local venue, there are a number of important points you will want to consider in order to make your dream a reality.

Planning your wedding budget

The first thing you and your fiance should do is sit down and have a look at your finances – budgeting for your wedding from the outset can help you stick to a plan and ensure you will be able to afford everything you want for your dream wedding.

Some couples use a lump sum – like an inheritance or a UK bingo win – to pay for their wedding up front, while others choose to save and pay off their expenses in instalments.

Both approaches are excellent options, but it is important that you work together and discuss which choice is right for you.

Choosing your venue

The type of venue will be determined by the size of the wedding, the time of the year, and whether you prefer an indoor or outdoor setting for your reception.

If you choose an outdoor venue, it is also important to have a backup plan in the event of unexpected rain or windy weather.

You might also want to consider other factors – it can sometimes help to make a list of the questions you need to ask while you evaluate your options.

For example: Can catering be arranged through the venue directly or with a third party? Are there any restrictions when it comes to decorating? Does a licence need to be purchased if alcohol will be served at the reception? Asking these types of question upfront can help you avoid any confusion later on.

Alternatively, you may wish to look into hiring a professional wedding planner. While this can be a more expensive option than doing it yourself, they may be able to use their connections to bundle several factors – like the venue, photography and catering – together in a convenient, easy-to-understand package.

The perfect dress

As any bride will tell you, choosing the right wedding dress is an essential part of planning her big day – perhaps the most important!

The trick with wedding dress shopping is down to timing. Often, dresses need to be ordered in and altered – so it could be several weeks or months between trying your dress on and getting to take it home.

Bearing this in mind, it is worth shopping for your dress as early as you can possibly manage. Why not make a day of it? Mums, maids of honour, mother-in-laws-to-be, sisters and friends can all make great shopping companions and can help you track down the dress of your dreams.


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