Interesting and unique wedding catering ideas

Planning the food you want to serve your guests at your wedding reception can become stressful when trying to feed and please everyone on your guest list. First, take into consideration the day of the week and time of the event as well as the theme of your wedding. Next, think about the age groups and needs of your guests. If you have a large number of elderly people, they may not be able to stand in a buffet line for a long period of time, and children can be picky eaters. These are all considerations.outdoor-wedding-catering

The following are a few ideas for an interesting and unique way to cater your wedding while satisfying all your guest’s cravings:

A Great Mexican Feast

Not everyone enjoys the savory taste of Mexican cuisine, but this idea will offer a variety that even the pickiest of eaters will enjoy. Provide a buffet offering everything from a taco salad to an assortment of taco and fajita choices. Everyone likes chips and adding an array of salsa choices will make the meal even more complete. For a little change from a traditional buffet you can ask the caterer to set up a fajita and taco bar allowing the guests to create their own.

Pizza From the Stone

Everyone loves pizza especially when it is stone baked. This wedding reception idea can be catered and prepared on the spot by a professional stone baked pizza catering company. Setting up a buffet style table with a variety of pizza choices along with other pasta options and a salad will make your wedding a memorable one for years to come. Consider this option for an outdoor wedding and allow the children to be entertained as they watch the pizza making in progress.

Buffet On Wheels

You see food trucks all the time at festivals and fairs, but did you ever think you would see one at a wedding reception? Food trucks are becoming a more popular choice for a wedding reception. Some food trucks supply nothing but ice cream while others can serve up an entire meal. Take into consideration the time of year the wedding will take place. Your guests may not be comfortable standing in direct sunlight on an extremely hot day. This idea would work best for an early spring or autumn wedding. Placing tables in a formal manner gives your guests a more traditional experience, but if you want a more casual setting, placing plastic wear and napkins on a nearby table will allow your guests to mingle through the crowd.

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