How You Can Woo Your Lover With Sexy Corset?

Corsets are sexy and fun undergarments that make a woman look more feminine and sensuous. It is available in different fabrics and has trimmings such as lace and bows. A great thing about corsets is that it helps to accentuate the fuller breast and shows a small waistline. That’s why it is a great turn on for men and thus women love it. In 18th century the purpose of corset was completely different. The main purpose was to give shape to woman’s body. Today the purpose has changed altogether. As there are so many types of corset available these days the first thing to do is to find out the right corset that fit your body. You should select the one that suites your body shape. This is very important if you want to woo your lover in a corset.

If you are average build and have a curvy frame, then girl you are very lucky. All types of corset and shape will work for your great body. Even though all styles may suite you, the best choice would be to go for a sweetheart neckline. Show off your curvy figure and make your man go wild. If you are taller and slim with not much visible curve then it is better to choose longer busk styles with 16 inch over burst corset. This will also look good with those who are tall and have a fuller figure. If you are short and petite then don’t need to worry there is a corset for you at Isabella’s Passion You can wear short bust styles with 14 inch over the bust. This will help to accentuate your bust. These corsets are available in various patterns and designs.

There are bridal corset that can make you feel young and gorgeous and can be worn under your wedding dress and also for your wedding night. Corset bustier gives excellent shape to your body. Burlesque corset can be worn as a costume and will also be great in your bedroom. The Victorian style corset will provide you the hourglass figure. This can also be worn as a costume or as night time lingerie. As there are so many styles and patterns available you should choose the right one that complements your body shape. You can also wear stockings and jewellery along with it, to make it more attractive. But when you choose jewellery and stockings it should go along with the corset and not clash with it. If you don’t get the right kind of corset you are looking for, then you can get custom made corset that will fit perfect on your body. So grab a sexy and gorgeous corset and light up the fire in your bedroom.

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