How You Can Help Your Hubby-To-Be Become More Involved In Your Wedding Plans

Most girls know exactly what they want their wedding to look like. Most guys seem happy to let the brides get on with it! However, this is not just your big day, and it would be nice to share the preparations a little more equally. When you are planning your big day, there are many things to organise. Would you be happy letting your groom take on some of the responsibilities?

A great way to start sharing out the tasks is to sit down and list them. You can download or print off wedding planners from the internet. There are even apps for that. Most of what you need to know is in this article, so why not share the link? The first thing to worry about is the budget.

You may both be paying for the wedding jointly, or your parents may be subsidising you. Whether your budget is big or small, it may be best to set yourselves an upper limit to work toward. One of the biggest expenses will be the venue. Some venues offer a ceremony space as well as a reception hall. If you are marrying in a church, you will need to find somewhere else to celebrate afterwards.


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Ideally you should visit three or four different venues before settling on your preferred one. Each will impose differing restrictions on guest numbers, dining menus, and reception entertainment. If you have your heart set on a full wedding breakfast and sit-down meal, then you need to consider the catering first and foremost.

Once you have both agreed on the budget and booked it in, your wedding date is set. You can get on with sending out the wedding invitations. Your husband-to-be might like to contribute the design of this. Why not sit down together and pick a pre-designed wedding invite by Paper Themes or another online service? This might be the easiest and quickest approach. They are easily personalised too.

Some services offer a mail merge. That way you needn’t worry about stuffing envelopes or handwriting anything. Of course, many couples love to sit at the table together and manage their guest list in this way.

As the RSVPs come through you can firm up your guest numbers and notify the caterers of the menu preferences. If you are managing your own buffet, perhaps your husband-to-be has a signature dish he could contribute on the day?

Now it’s time to organise the decorative side of your wedding. Many couples are choosing DIY weddings because they want to personalise the decorations. You may have a theme in mind already.

Both of you can enjoy crafting things like centrepieces and bouquets. If you want to split the task, why not ask your groom to create the button holes and garlands? You can then manage your bouquets and centrepieces. The decorations could be entirely hand made. Alternatively, you could both visit the florist together to choose the flowers.

Some couples like the idea of home baked wedding cakes. Tiers of cupcakes are very popular and easy to make at home. This is a great task to delegate to someone like the groom. It’s also a fun activity for you to share together on a cosy night in! You could put on some of your shortlisted First Dance tracks and use the evening to decide which it will be for the big event. Very romantic!

Brides like the opinion of the groom when it comes to picking out the bridal lingerie. You can keep it to yourself that you probably won’t be wearing it under the dress! Most girls use more comfortable underwear that is less likely to show up under the wedding dress. That way they can save the lingerie for the wedding night. Shopping for lingerie together can be good fun, but it might also be uncomfortable for your man. You might want to sound him out about it first.

The wedding car will carry you and your Father and the bridesmaids to the ceremony. However, it may be used to carry you and the groom to a reception venue. It’s nice to find the car you want together, even if the groom isn’t going to use it. Perhaps you would like him to pick something and order it for you as a surprise? While few brides like to leave the choices up to someone else, there are parts of the wedding you could relinquish the reins for.


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One thing very few brides would want the groom involved in is the dress. For many it is deemed bad luck to see the bride in her dress before the wedding ceremony. However, your husband-to-be could be managing the other outfits for the wedding on your behalf. His tuxedo or wedding suit should be down to him to pick.

It’s nice if you can both pick a theme for a flash of colour though. He might also help attire the Father of the bride and his best man, leaving you to concentrate on the bridesmaids.

As the day of the wedding draws nearer, you might choose to shop together for the wedding rings. Matching sets are common but not necessary. If you want them engraved with special messages, you need to order them a couple of months before the ceremony.

Ring shopping together is a wonderful idea if you want something special. Some couples choose plain bands. Others surprise each other with something elaborate and designer.

The stag and hen parties are usually held separately, but some are done as a joint party. It’s up to the pair of you how you want to tackle this. For men, the stag do is a chance to go a little wild and do things the girls may not always approve of.

For girls, a hen do may be something quiet like a spa day, or something wild involving a male stripper! Do talk about what your plans are, and perhaps plan to meet up at the start of the night.

Weddings take months of preparation, and there are many tasks to complete. Sharing them and delegating them is essential as it can be too much to take on alone. If you can share your wedding preparations with your husband-to-be, it could bring you even closer together. Enjoy.

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