How To Save Money When Booking Your Wedding Limo Service

Limos are a big part of any wedding event. Not only do they add to the spectacle of the occasion, they are also run by experienced operators who have worked dozens of weddings before. Nothing beats experience when you want your special day to unfold just as planned. This, however, does not mean that you have to pay through the nose for your limo service or resort to taking your chances with cheap and unreliable alternatives. With these tips, you can save on your transport costs while still enjoying quality services.

  1. Know your transportation needs beforehand

Before you engage with your local limo service, ensure that you know exactly how many cars you will need, what type of cars they are, and how many people you are transporting. This enables you to get accurate quotes from your limo service. It also protects you from any unscheduled additional costs that might come up later. If you plan to have the parents transported in separate cars, decide on that before engaging your limo service. Any surprise additions to your needs or even cancellations will come at a cost to you.

  1. Book in advance

Ideally, you should have already locked in your wedding limo service at least two months in advance. Every service provider wants to avoid uncertainty and you will get discounts when you book in advance. Also, you might find that your preferred limo service has a late booking surcharge, or worse, that they have already been booked on ‘your day’ which will result in you using a more expensive alternative. Always book in advance.

  1. Ensure that you read the fine print

Find out what is included and what is not included in the price quote that you are given by your limo service. Some limos bundle their services under one main price while others might have additional costs such as driver fee or parking fees, which are not included in the quoted price. Also, ensure that you know whether any ‘extras’ such as champagne and other drinks are included in the pricing or you might find yourself with a larger bill than you expected. Failure to familiarize yourself with the fine print can lead to unexpected additional costs.

  1. Ask if the price is negotiable

Haggling is not ingrained in the way that western societies do business which might be costing you extra. When given a price quote, find out if there is any room for negotiation, you might be pleasantly surprised to find out that there is some wiggle room for your pricing to be negotiated downwards. If you know of a similar service that is more affordably priced, you might even get them to match this lower price simply by asking.

  1. Get everything in writing

Once you find a Toronto Limo Rental that has agreeable terms, ensure that you get everything in writing. All agreed terms should be included in the contract before you make a down-payment. This includes the total price agreed, the terms that they have to meet, the timelines for your ceremony, and any other additional services to be offered. This protects you from any surprise charges after/during your wedding day.

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