How to Recreate 20s-Style Art Deco Wedding Fashion

Following the success of the Great Gatsby film last year and current popular interest in the vintage look, a unique style you could adopt for your wedding day could be 20s fashion.  Although you might have some ideas in your head about how you’d like the overall thing to look, you may not know how all the individual pieces fit together, so we’ve created a short guide to show you how.


The All Important Colour Schemes

One of the ways to establish the 20s theme is through colour scheme.  A great place to start with the wedding dress is to choose subtle, light colours – but not white. Creams, peaches and soft shades of yellow are excellent choices for those with dark hair, while a more daring look for blonde brides could be to choose a darker, or richer shade of something like gold or apricot.

For the groom’s suit, charcoal grey is a strong colour choice, and will complement the colours of your bride’s dress as you stand together to speak your vows.  Similarly, a dark brown could work, depending on the style of the room you’re getting married in.  If the environment is dark, it’s probably best to keep your outfits light.


Detail and Decoration

It’s the little things like your accessories and clothing details which really define a trend.  For the bride, try a dress which sparkles with sequins, and you could even wear a dainty broach to finish off your outfit.  If you’re creative, you might even consider creating your own broach which can save you some money and also give your outfit a personal touch.

For the groom, deep, rich colours are great accent colours against a main backdrop of charcoal or brown.  Something like a maroon pocket square would be a wonderful detail which will really set your outfit off, and help you stand out.


The Perfect Ring

The crowning jewel (literally) in your recreation of art deco fashion is the perfect period appropriate ring.  An excellent style is an emerald-cut ring (like the ones available from a site like Diamond Geezer), which were very popular in the 20s and is making a comeback in wedding fashion now.  What’s great about this choice is that you’ll be totally on-trend for your special day, but you’ll own a ring which is classic and timeless, meaning you’re not likely to fall out of love with it when the trend dies down.

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