How To Have A History-Inspired Wedding

If you have a penchant for history, you might want to work this passion for the past into your wedding plans by choosing a venue with a rich heritage. Castles are ideal an ideal choice for historians, and you can tailor the rest of the proceedings to match your theme.

Using the castle as the focal point of your celebrations, you can choose entertainment, attire and more to fit in with your historical theme. Keep reading for some inspiration.

The venue

Castles come in all shapes and sizes, so you’ll need to spend some time picking out the fortress that is right for you. From grand sprawling buildings dating back to the 1500s to more compact castle-style manor houses, there is lots of choice. Think about how far away you’re happy to travel, how many guests you’d like to invite and the facilities on hand when making your decision.

Another influencing factor may be the history of the building, and you’ll find attractive 18th century castles previously home to acclaimed authors, stunning 1400s fairytale-style buildings with moats and turbulent pasts and beautifully-ornate Victorian castles that have held a number of functions, such as being used as hospitals and also as film sets for award-winning television series.

The reception

In-keeping with the historical theme, you could opt for a reception that calls to mind the past. Many castles have period decor, so you’ll have the perfect backdrop for your festivities. You could have a banquet rather than a formal three-course meal as part of your castle wedding, with lots of dishes from the era that most appeals to you. Think roasted hog, market vegetable soup and a cornucopia bursting with fresh fruit.

With regards to entertainment, why not hire a jester to keep your guests amused, or pull out all the stops and have a medieval battle re-enacted for your viewing pleasure? Alternatively, you could find a group of musicians who use period instruments like mandolins and come dressed in traditional outfits from throughout the ages, or set up a target practice game outdoors, complete with bows and arrows.

The attire

The dress you wear on your big day will contribute largely to how you feel during the proceedings, as well as the look you want to create. Give some thought to what you’ll wear; do you want a medieval theme? Alternatively, you might decide on a flapper-style dress, or something with a vintage twist.

You might want to hire the services of specialist dress maker, who can design a historical gown for you, while auction websites are ideal places for picking up something authentically old. A designer could also come up with an outfit for your husband-to-be, although you might be happy for the groom and his party to achieve a bygone look with top hats and tailcoats.

The details

As well as the right venue, food and entertainment,¬†there are other details you can include in your historical castle wedding. Instead of arriving to your wedding in a modern car, consider hiring a horse and carriage for a historical touch, or a period-style car if you’d rather combine style with the luxury of speed!

In terms of finishing touches, you could have the venue lit by candlelight, or have the lighting dimmed if candles aren’t permitted, and give your guests homemade gingerbread, damask-covered tea light holders or Fleur de Lis-style bottle stoppers as favours for attending your celebration.


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