How to Decide Upon a Theme for Your Wedding

Planning each and every aspect of your wedding to perfection is hardly an easy process. Guestlist, food, date, venue… there’s just so much to consider. One way to alleviate the stress and make things easier is to finally decide upon a theme that you and your partner can agree on.

Once you have an idea in mind, planning everything else is much less of a headache. But even this can be problematic. That’s why we’ve put together a list of considerations that will help you determine the overall look of your special day and tick one more thing off your to-do list.

When and Where

The season in which your wedding takes place may seem irrelevant, but it can greatly influence the theme of your wedding. If it takes place in summer, a breezy beach vibe may be more fitting. Spring is better suited towards light pastel colors with floral decor in an outdoor setting.

If your wedding takes place in winter, it might be a good idea to consider the weather. Having the occasion take place indoors allows you to create a certain theme. It can involve dark, romantic tones – or perhaps a white, snowy theme with wintery decorations.

Where you plan to have your wedding can entirely determine the theme itself. Pay attention to the ambience and amenities on offer. A grand hall is better suited for opulent, glamorous celebrations while a humble garden works well with light, floral decorations.


Take a look at your family’s cultural heritage or that of your partner’s. Perhaps there are certain traditions or customs that you can incorporate into your wedding. It doesn’t have to involve painstaking, long-winded affairs. Modern weddings can include a number of different traditions and a mix of your own personal tastes.

The formality of your event generally determines certain aspects of the theme, such as dress code. Laid-back wedding styles are better suited towards outdoor settings such as a beach or garden. If you prefer a more traditional black-tie occasion, then a grand hall is a better option.


Being realistic about your expectations for your wedding can save you a pretty penny and eliminate potential future regrets. Filling a large hall with decor or putting together an opulent menu might not always be viable.

That said, choosing the best provider for your wedding equipment will go a long way in helping you realize the theme you desire. Posh Couture wedding rentals offers a large catalogue of linens, chairs, tables and more at great prices.


The last thing you should do when considering your theme is to follow what’s currently in style. This could simply result in a wedding that doesn’t feel true to you and your partner’s personalities.

Instead, follow what makes you and your partner happy as this makes for a more real, romantic and personal experience. That said, there’s no harm in opening up Pinterest and getting some inspo from other weddings.

Finally, don’t be afraid to ask friends and family about what they think would be a fitting theme. After all, they know you best and will probably do a great job at describing your personality and what suits you.

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