Getting To And From Your Wedding: Wedding Transport Tips

You’ve set a date, booked the church, found your dream wedding dress, what are you forgetting? What about your transport to and from the church or venue?

Do you fancy arriving in style in a traditional horse and carriage, a vintage Rolls Royce or a party bus? Whether you want a sleek car to ride in with your dad or a vehicle with enough rooms for friends and family, there are plenty of options.


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To help you choose the perfect form of transportation, here are a few handy tips and ideas:

Horse and carriage

A horse and carriage is one of the most traditional forms of wedding transportation. If you want a fairy-tale wedding, a horse and carriage is the ideal option for you. While a little slower than a wedding car, taking a horse and carriage to your wedding is classic. Plus, the carriage will look fantastic in the photographs.

Horse and carriages come in various sizes, seating between six and eight people. So as well as taking your dad, or whoever is giving you away, along with you, you can also fit your bridesmaids in as well.

Vintage car

For an elegant form of transport, hiring a vintage car like a Rolls-Royce is the perfect option. As well as the option of travelling in a vintage Rolls-Royce, you could also consider something a little more lively.

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Many couples now choose to opt for vintage VW camper vans, instead of traditional wedding cars. Camper vans are cute, colourful and can be hired relatively cheaply, and best of all can seat lots of people. So are ideal if you have lots of bridesmaids riding along to the church with you, as there will be enough room for everyone.


Limos are a classic option for your wedding; they are sleek, elegant and ideal for fitting you and your bridesmaids in. On your wedding day, you deserve to feel like a VIP and what better way to do that than riding in a limo with champagne on tap?

As well as regular limos, you could also consider hiring a stretched limo or an SUV limo – the more pimped out version of a regular limo. The good news about hiring a wedding limo is that they aren’t too expensive to hire and tend to be good value for money.

Party bus

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If you can’t wait to start celebrating until you get to the wedding reception, why not hire out party buses for you and your guests?

You don’t have to follow tradition and ride in a car on your own; you can mix things up and ride with your friends and family on a party bus. Complete with a bar, disco lights and music, hiring a party bus is the perfect way to get your wedding celebrations started.

When it comes to organising your wedding transport it can be tricky, as there are so many options to choose from. However, the key to success is thinking about what you want from your transport and who you want to travel to the church with.

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