Expert Tips: How to plan your wedding

Planning a wedding is a huge undertaking and it can become very stressful. In fact, nearly 50% of people found that planning their wedding was more stressful than they expected.


It’s hardly surprising then that more and more bride and grooms are choosing luxury wedding planners to help keep stress to a minimum. After all, you’ve got to decide on a dress, a venue, the bridal party, the flowers, the honeymoon, and what feels like a million other things as well as deal with family on both sides.

Most of us need help planning our weddings, otherwise what should be the best day of your life can easily become a nightmare in the weeks and months before. We spoke with luxury wedding planners, Snapdragon (who were recently featured on Channel 4’s The Job Interview) and got expert tips on how to plan your wedding.

Going abroad? Choose a destination wedding planner

Saying your vows in the sunshine in some far-flung exotic island is a dream for many. So, is it any wonder that 15% of all marriage ceremonies are now destination weddings?

Although the attraction of a wedding abroad is obvious, the likelihood that something could go wrong increases tenfold. With destination weddings, you will need to deal with foreign currency, new laws and (often) communicating in another language. All of which can quickly become stressful.

Snapdragon, explain that “for many clients, the attraction of an international event is the ability to create something completely unique that will never be copied. To do this, planners should help the lucky couple strike the perfect balance between comfort, extravagance and security.’

That’s why hiring a wedding planner is a necessity when getting wed away from home, to avoid unnecessary issues you weren’t prepared for. Nearly 1 in 3 hire or use an international wedding planner to make their perfect day go off without a snag, so there’s not reason why you shouldn’t too.

Choose your bridesmaids carefully

Regardless of whether you hire a luxury wedding planner or go DIY, you’ll have to make a number of decisions yourself. To make these important choices you’ll need someone you can rely on to make sensible and supportive suggestions. Your husband? Perhaps. But more likely, we’re talking about your maid of honor.

Consider who you risk offending by asking or not asking. Also consider the responsibility, not just who will throw the best hen party but who will help you organise the wedding itself. Try to keep you bridal party small with up four bridesmaids and make sure to have equal numbers on the groom’s side. Or vice versa.

Pick your season before your date

It’s easy to treat the date of your wedding as an afterthought, based on the availability of venues or how easy it is to remember. Granted some couples know what date they want, and this can change based on when they register. But for your big day, season can be more important than date.

Ask yourself if you want a summer wedding where you can be outside, or a cooler autumnal wedding? Do you want to be nestled between Christmas and Valentine’s Day to keep your wedding day a bit more special and have it in the Spring?

Also bear in mind that if you’re going abroad the seasons might not be quite what you expect; though the same for here. Check out seasonality for destination weddings before you even decide on where you want to go.

The Huffington Post recommend 7 steps when picking a date for your wedding which includes: choosing whether or not to get married during the holidays, giving yourself enough time and visualising what you want from your wedding before booking a date.

Think about your guests

To make your perfect day go as well as it possibly can, couples should be thinking about their guests too. This is especially key if you’re getting married abroad as as studies have shown that only 30% of guests will turn down an invite, even if they can’t afford it, with that number only increasing if you’re going abroad.

Many people might not have the finances to attend a destination wedding, or similarly a ceremony at a luxury hotel. Or, they might have already booked time off work for holidays at other times in the year already.

Of course, having the wedding of your dreams is the most important thing. Make sure that the closest family and friends are available and willing, then make plans that suit you, ensuring your day is special and perfect.

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