Do You Have Summer Plans for Your Children?

Given how fast summer comes and goes, not enough families get the most out of it.

That said do you have summer plans for your children?

Make It an Active Summer for the Entire Family

In trying to come up with fun and educational stuff to do for the children, get their two cents on what they would enjoy.

Now, if your children are too young to voice their opinions, you will have to decide from day one what to do. If they can have say in the summer fun plans, let them do so.

Among some of the better options when children are in play:

1. Summer camps – Although your kid may be a little on the shy side, being around others their age can be a fun experience. With that in mind, have you thought about sending them to summer camp? If you went to summer camp when you were a kid, did you have a fun time? For millions of people over time, camps provide them with some of the most fun memories from their days as a kid. Do some online research to see which summer camps get the best ratings near and far from where you live.

2. Whale watching – Have you ever been out on the open water and seen whales right by the side of the boat? If not, it can be quite an exhilarating experience. With that being the case, think about whale watching at Dana Point or another such venue. Imagine the look on your child’s face when they see one of these incredible mammals so close to them? Whales are not the only mammals one may see on such a tour. Dolphins, sea lions and more could be there for your children to see. When planning, pack sunscreen, comfortable shoes, a jacket, and a few snacks. Before you know it, your children will want to make whale watching an annual family event.

3. Reuniting the family – What about reuniting the family during a summer trip? This can be fun in some different ways for the children. They may get to meet cousins and other relatives for the very first time. They can also learn about family history. If they are old enough to appreciate it, it can turn into a lifetime of wanting to know more about how family members. Given how some extended families are many hours apart, getting together can be great.

4. MLB outing – Do your children love baseball? Sure, it can be hard to keep a little one’s attention for three hours or so at a ballpark. That said getting to go to a MLB park can be quite exciting for children. Meeting some of their favorite players can be quite a thrill. Your kid might even get an autographed baseball or catch a ball during batting practice or the game. As a family, you might even think about doing a ballpark tour while there. No matter the venue or venues you choose, expect to have fun and see your child’s eyes light up.

As a parent, your children mean the world to you.

That said make it a summer you won’t forget.

And as a couple, you and your significant other may even get some down time for the two of you as summer flies by.

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