Different Types Of Wedding Venue In The UK: What Should You Choose?

If you have just got engaged, congratulations! This will be a hugely happy time in your life, and a very exciting one at that. You have made a commitment to be with your partner on a new level, so it is time to revel in all of those romantic feelings you hold for one another. Soon enough it will be time to start planning your wedding day itself – something which can be both pleasurable as well as stressful on occasion. The reason for this is because you want everything to go perfectly, especially if you already have an idea in your head about how the day will play out.


The venue can make a massive difference to the theme, flow, and enjoyment of the day, so this will be something that you consider at length. Not only do you need to figure out where to have your ceremony, but you will also need to choose a place to hold your reception and wedding breakfast. So what options are there, and what should you choose?




Church: the main choices here are Church of England or Roman Catholic churches. You may choose one of these options if you or your fiancé wants to hold a religious style wedding. Those having a Church of England wedding will have to attend a number of Sunday services beforehand, and banns have to be called before the big day. Basic fees are £415. Roman Catholic services require baptism and confirmation certificates to be presented to your priest, and you should schedule in time for marriage preparation talks as well as attending Mass.


Registry Office: you may choose to have a civil ceremony if you do not follow or practice a religion. There are registry offices throughout the UK which can be booked up to a year before your desired wedding date. The style of building can vary from one town to the next, so you could do some research if you want to have a certain look and feel to your wedding venue.


Licensed venue: if you would prefer to have your wedding ceremony somewhere different such as a manor house or zoo, you should have a look at the licensed venues in your area. A registrar can attend for an extra fee, but it would mean that you could do the day exactly as you want it. Have a look at some unique licensed venue ideas on foleyphotography.co.uk.




Hotel or golf resort: for your reception, you can do the day however you like – you might just want a meal at home! However most people want to have their guests catered for so they choose something like a hotel or golf club where there is plenty of space for large numbers. Visit a few that you’re interested in to get an idea of function rooms, possible menus, and expected costs.


Country pub: for those who prefer a simpler approach to cuisine, you might want to choose a country pub instead. There are plenty of pubs and inns that have a beautiful function room that you can hire for exclusive use. Have a play on Google to see what you can come up with.



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