Choosing the Right Metal for Your Wedding Ring

Most people are either happy to let their counterparts to choose the design and look of their wedding rings, or they’re completely and totally dedicated to the task of selecting their wedding rings. Before you can figure out what kinds of stones, inscriptions or styles you’re going to commit to, you should know what type of metal you want your wedding rings to be made out of. Although different types of metal can come in varying colours, for the most part, your choice should be made thinking of practicality first. Precious metal costs a considerable sum, with gold and platinum going for record high prices, at present. Think about how your ultimate wedding ring choice is going to set the stage for you and your future spouse’s lives together before you make a purchase.

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Consider Any Allergies to Specific Medals

First and foremost, any allergies you and your spouse may have to any precious metals need to be known before you go wedding ring shopping. If there are no allergies to consider, think about the industries that you work in, and whether any particular type of metal might be distracting or impractical. For example, many athletes long complained about how traditional wedding rings can irritate their hands while working out, practicing or performing. As a result, players in the NFL have started a trend of sporting silicone wedding rings. While your personal circumstances may not necessitate, realise that the wedding ring that you choose should be one that you can wear all the time.

Think About the Theme of Your Wedding

If you have the opportunity to incorporate your wedding rings’ design into your actual wedding theme, you should absolutely do so. Silver and gold themed weddings can be played up by brides and grooms that don silver and gold rings, as well as other accessories. More importantly, you don’t want to choose a metal for your wedding ring that outright clashes with the theme. Realise that the exchange of wedding rings is going to be a big part of the wedding, where all of your guests pay close attention.

Include Your Future Spouse’s Preferences

Even if your better half is the one responsible for choosing your wedding rings, remember that he or she could just be making choices based on your assumed preferences. Ask your future spouse specific questions about his or her tastes to ensure that you are equally represented by your wedding rings. Each of you should choose two different options if you are not able to come to a compromise, giving you a better chance of picking the same type of metal. You might be surprised when you find out that your future bride or groom and you have more in common than you first thought.

Sometimes choosing the perfect type of metal for your wedding ring is as simple as flipping through a catalogue, or resigning yourself to go with standard yellow gold. There are also various metals, like pewter and nickel if you’re more interested in a non-traditional wedding ring for your nuptials. As long as you and your soon to be spouse are able to make a selection that makes you both smile, your rings will be as special as your upcoming union.

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