Capturing the Victorian Era Style: Shopping Tips for Engagements and Weddings

With over 6000 marriages being carried out every single day in the US alone, many couples are now feeling the pressure to make their wedding as original and unique as possible. Whilst traditional-style weddings still remain very popular, themed weddings are slowly but surely increasing in popularity too.


From movies to seasons to era-themed weddings, one of the most elegant themes that has cropped up in recent years is a Victorian themed wedding. Oozing charm and style, the Victorian era is renowned for its lavish outfits and jewels – perfect for those looking for a unique wedding theme whilst still maintaining that essential class and style! For more inspiration on how to capture the perfect Victorian themed wedding, below you’ll find some top tips to get you started.


The atmosphere


Extravagant statues and water fountains were rife throughout the Victorian era and were often looked upon as a sign of wealth. As you can imagine, these large constructions would have been found outside, making an outside location adorned with statues and flowers an ideal option for those looking to host a more casual summer wedding.


However, if you want your wedding to drip with elegance and style, the Victorians were certainly known for hosting extravagant events in large ballroom settings. Whilst it may not be difficult to find a manor house for your wedding location, transforming it into something straight out of Victorian times will be the challenge. But, as long as you stick with a rich color scheme including golds, jewel-toned greens, blues and pink, the color most associated with this era, you’re almost guaranteed to increase the Victorian-type style of your location.




Likely to be the most lavish component of your entire wedding, Victorian-style clothes and accessories are hugely fun to experiment with. From corsets to ruffles to extravagant jewellery, the outfit possibilities are virtually endless.


White has been the traditional wedding gown color since the Victorian era itself, but Victorian-style dresses tend to be much more restrictive than the modern-day gowns we’re used to. Corsets were rife throughout this era as women tried to achieve the ‘perfect’ hourglass shape so, if you want to have a true Victorian experience, a corset is a place to start! It’s best to practice both sitting and walking in your corset before the big day so your body can become acclimatized to it.


For the men, top hats are a must and silk, jewel-toned waistcoats were extremely popular. But, generally, men’s formal wear hasn’t changed anywhere near as much as women’s, so virtually anything smart and suit-like is likely to fit in.




Just like the clothing, Victorian-style accessories are renowned for being big and bold, especially when it comes to jewellery and rings. Engagement rings are often seen by the bride as being even more important than her dress, simply because of its symbolism and how often she’s going to wear it.

So, if you want to extend your Victorian theme all the way to your engagement, check out the Top 10 Antique Wedding Rings for a variety of styles and cuts that will suit almost any taste.


In addition to jewellery, flowers are also a big part of the majority of weddings. Nowadays, it’s most common for the bride and her bridesmaids to carry small bouquets of flowers as they make their way down the aisle but, in Victorian times, women generally wore an elegant wreath of flowers in their hair instead.


Orange blossom was by far a popular choice amongst Victorian women as they were said to represent purity but, if orange blossom doesn’t suit your personal taste, you can choose virtually any flower as long as it’s suitable to be worn in hair to achieve that true Victorian-style look. However, if you don’t want to wear flowers in your hair and would rather keep things natural and elegant with a simple veil, you can always stick with a classic bouquet. As well as orange blossom, roses were an extremely popular flower during this era and are available in a variety of colors. So, if you can, try to incorporate roses into your flower arrangements in bold, rich colors.


With themed weddings becoming more and more popular by the year, if you’re feeling the pressure to make your wedding as unique as possible you’re certainly not alone. A Victorian-style wedding will not only be nostalgic but will also incorporate the elegance and class almost everyone wants for their wedding – and your wedding will surely be remembered for years to come!


Skye Gill is an independent jewellery designer who enjoys writing about jewellery in her articles when time allows.

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