Buying Brian Gavin diamonds stud earrings for your wife – Steps to ease off the process

As they’re both versatile and classic, diamond studs undoubtedly make the perfect jewellery gift, regardless of whom you give it to. With such wide array of style options and versatility, you will be practically spoilt for choice once you walk into a jewellery store. However, if you’re a novice treading into the world of diamond jewellery, it would become tough for you to know the exact diamond shape, the level of quality and the setting and style which will suit your loved ones.

Although diamond stud earrings are one of the simplest pieces of jewellery, yet you can be shocked to know about the nitty-gritty details of such simple pieces. Being a man who’s shopping for a diamond stud for his wife, here are few necessary things you should know about this stunning piece of jewellery.

Quality guidelines pertaining to diamond studs

As you might have heard, the quality guidelines pertaining to diamond studs aren’t as strict as those for the engagement rings, the reason being engagement rings are out in the open than the diamond studs. When the diamond is located in your hand, people will most likely take a closer look but when they are placed in your ears, they’re often hidden by hair and hence people won’t stick to your ear to inspect such earrings. So, in terms of the 4C grades, color and clarity aren’t as vital to studs as they are to engagement rings. You can even settle down with a low color grade depending on the skin color and tone of your partner’s skin. Nevertheless, if you don’t want to settle with anything less than perfect, you may want to take a look at Brian Gavin diamonds.

Diamond cuts for the studs

For making stud earrings, the most common shape is round, princess cut and Asscher diamonds. In short, any cut of the diamond which helps in making equal proportions can be perfectly suited for a stud earring. This is the reason behind the popularity of circular shapes and square cuts of Asscher and princess cut diamonds. On the other hand, pear-shaped and marquise shaped diamonds are the least common cuts which are used for stud earrings because of their distinctive shapes. As pear and marquise cuts don’t have equal proportions, they’re a misfit for stud earrings.

Certifying diamond stud earrings

With regards to diamond studs, how does diamond certification come into play? There are many jewellers who don’t offer grading certificates for pairs of diamond studs. If you enter a reputable store, the salesmen will offer you a thorough value appraisal of diamond studs, in case they’re pre-set. But in case a jeweller creates his own pair of stud earrings with loose diamonds, he should out for a GIA certificate. Even the lose diamonds need to be certified stones.

Carat weight of diamond studs

In case you’re shopping for an engagement ring or loose diamonds, the carat weight which you choose is mostly above your budget. However, if you’re purchasing diamond stud earrings, carat weight can play a vital role. Side stones, setting and diamond bands can make the center stone of an engagement ring look larger. But sadly enough, diamond studs have minimalist settings and there’s simply no way in which you can hide a small carat weight. Nevertheless, you can find enough room in your budget when you’re trying to buy studs with lesser carat weight.

Hence, now that you’re pretty aware of how you should choose diamond stud earrings, you can visit your nearest trustworthy store and get the best pair for your wife or girlfriend to surprise her.

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