Best styles for Wedding Photography

“Style” is a word that’s been thrown around by everyone and about everything. Style of clothes, style of walking, style of hair. But what does the world “style” really mean? Well, we’ll define it in the sense of a style of photography, given that this is the subject of this article. A style of photography encompasses the different techniques and angles and equipment and settings that a photographer uses in order to create the photos, and pass out a certain message via the pictures.

If you’ve read that definition, you’ve undoubtedly realized the importance of the style of photography, especially for critical days such as the day of your wedding. And the fact of the matter is, photography style is something that only the top-level professionals have really mastered. So, we advise you to hire a professional weddingphotographer in Toronto, as they will use style to the best of their abilities, as opposed to someone that has a passing hobby in photography and has no sense of style whatsoever.

Now, onto the meat of the article… the first thing you need to consider when making a selection on the styles of wedding photography is whether you want the photos to be taken digitally, or in film. Both of these styles have their own advantages and disadvantages. We’ll begin with the digital style of photography.

The best thing about this style is the fact that you’ll save a lot of time. Using a digital camera for the shots taken at a wedding means that you can get the photos immediately after the wedding, without having to wait at all. Also, digital photography gives great results even when taken in places with low light, and is an excellent way to take photos if you want them to be taken in late afternoon or early evening, then the light is naturally lower as opposed to other parts of the day. The final benefit of digital photography is that there’s a preview of the photos immediately after they are taken, and so the photographer can immediately preview the photo and make appropriate adjustments for the next shot. This gives him an increased sense of artistic freedom and he’ll most likely benefit from it in order to create better and better photos for you.

Shooting wedding photography with film has its own advantages as well. This is a more luxurious way to shoot pictures, and it gives the photos more organic, and soft appearance, which will increase their quality. By using film though you’re relinquishing some of the benefits of using digital photography. The case is with film that you will have to wait for a relatively long time in order to get the final photos of your wedding. After the wedding the film needs to be developed in a laboratory specifically made for it, and after this the photos need to be edited in order to get to the best effect one wants for the photos of his or her wedding. This can last sometimes anywhere up to 4 weeks, and when you compare this to the fact that the photos will be immediately available to you if you take them digitally – it can seem as quite a long time. Also, filming can be really expensive, as you need to pay for rolls of film, for one thing. It’s been estimated by some that you will have an expense of no less than 1500 dollars just for this. But when you consider that film has a better range, from shadows to highlights, it can offset the disadvantages.

The best thing though is to make a combination of both styles, as one doesn’t necessarily exclude the other, and use the full advantages of them both, and get the best of both world.

Now, there are a few additional styles you should consider after solving the dilemma of digital vs film. The first style we’ll mention is the classical style. This style will give the photos that vintage feel that you get when you’re seeing photos from your grandparents’ albums. These photos are striking and gorgeous, and formal as well. These classical photos will definitely stand the test of time and won’t ever look “old” or dated.

The artistic style is an additional style you should consider. Not everyone wants the usual photos that anyone can take. Some people want something a bit more artistic. As we live in a time when people have access to professional photography for their weddings, the photos made at these weddings can look all too similar – and everyone wants their wedding to stand out in a way from all the rest. Having a specialist in the style of artistic photography will mean that you’ll get unique photos, that will stand out from all of the rest in the world. But you need to be aware that it’s not only necessary for an artistic specialist to be present and take photos – you and your partner need to be willing to be a bit more adventurous – and this will give the photos their uniqueness that you desire.

Dramatic photography is yet another style you’ll do well to consider for your wedding. In order to be dramatic specialist in photography, you need to be an expert in lighting. This goes out especially if the sun refuses to cooperate as your primary light source, and you’ll need additional lightning. Everyone can take regular photos. But only the true masters can capture dramatic masterpieces that will immortalize every moment from your wedding.

And there you have it, we have mentioned some of the styles you need to consider if you want primum wedding photography. Naturally, professional photographers are most often specialized in one particular style, as it’s really hard to master a style, and master of all styles is yet to be born. So you’ll want to look into the skills of the people you’ll hire as photographs, and only hire those people that have a style that fits with your own view on how your wedding photos should look like.

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