About to Pop the Question? What You Should Know about Engagement Rings before You Consider

Proposing to your significant other is an exciting time – but also one that can inspire a few butterflies in the stomach. To sweeten the deal, many men will take the time to look at engagement rings that they can present their sweethearts. When the big moment comes, you will want something that gleams, sparkles and will persuade that special someone to say “Yes”.

Know What the Four Cs Mean

When buying diamonds or any other type of jewelry, the Four Cs will give you an idea of what it is you should be looking for. These factors will be upon which the jewelry will be graded and priced. So, what are they? It’s simple: cut, carat, color and clarity.

Naturally there are many people who will go by look and feel. This is also certainly something that you should consider when choosing a ring, however it’s always wise to brush up on your diamond education regardless. At the very least, you want to know what you’re paying for.

Don’t forget the Metal

Many customers are mesmerized by the size and clarity of the rock, but don’t forget the actual ring itself. Not only should you consider quality, but also think about the style that your significant other tends to wear. If, for example, your sweetheart is fond of silver, then the kind of metal you should probably be going for is the same, or with a similar color such as white gold or platinum. Harking back to what was just mentioned, make sure that the metal fits in with the color of the diamond itself.

And speaking of diamonds: they aren’t the only stones you can use. There is a huge variety out there if you want to be a little different. Ruby, sapphire, emerald… They can all add a unique touch to a memorable gift.

Ring Sizing

The easiest way of (secretly) finding out your significant other’s ring size is to take one of their rings. Slip it into your finger and see how far it goes. The width of your finger at that point will indicate the approximate size that your engagement ring ought to be. Remember, however, that ring sizing is not an exact science and it also depends on how your partner likes to wear their rings.

Certification and Authentication

Engagement rings are not something you’re going to blindly throw money at: you want to take time and effort to select the right one. Of course, your bank account is also going to come into the picture here. One of the most common types of certification is GIA Certification. Many customers also want to ensure that their rings are ethically sourced, which is something you may want to check up on as well.

These tips are the best way of finding out what kind of metal and diamonds are best for your significant other’s engagement ring. Here’s a little bit of advice that’s also good to follow: spend a little time considering rings before you buy. It’ll make that wonderful moment all the more special.

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