7 Awesome Christmas Presents for the Manly Man

What do you give a manly man? He’s already got a collection of neckties, a hunting rifle or two, and probably an oversized truck that he drives around. It can be hard to shop for gifts for highly masculine guys, especially if you don’t know what they want.

Not sure what to get him for Christmas this year? Check out the list of gifts below; gifts that will cater to his utter manliness.

1. Leatherman Multi-Tool

If he needs to change a lock, fix a flat tire, or replace a door, the Leatherman Multi-Tool will be the perfect gift for him. It’s a versatile implement that can be used for just about anything, and it’s a gift that he’ll carry around with him everywhere.

It’s not just useful at home, but comes with tools for skinning, cleaning, and gutting fish, so he can use it while being a man in the great outdoors as well!

2. Home beer-making kit

There are few things manlier than beer — except a man drinking beer that he made himself. A home-brewing kit isn’t too expensive, and it’s a gift that will keep on giving — for him, at least. He’ll be able to brew up his own cold ones, and break them out to share with friends come Super Bowl Sunday.

The kit comes with everything he’ll need to make his own beer, so give him a gift and a hobby he’ll love at the same time.

3. Man soap

If there’s one thing that may annoy your man, it’s having to use soap that makes him smell like roses, lilies, or jasmine. He’d probably prefer something much more robust, so get him the gift of a manly bar of soap this Christmas.

He’ll love the smells of mandarin oranges or sandalwood over the apricot soap you use, and you may find that it accentuates his manliness even more.

4. Grill and tools

If his grill needs an upgrade, why not stroke his ego by getting him a fancy grill — complete with all the tools of the trade? A new propane grill shouldn’t be too expensive, and you can trick it out with tongs, spatula, scrubber, bristle brush, and all the other utensils he’ll need to grill up red meat and fish in style.

5. Elegant fountain pen

Pens may not be used as much as they once were, but they still come in handy for professionals who work hard at the office. Don’t let him use that crappy Bic pen he’s tired of using, but get him an elegant fountain pen that will make him feel like a millionaire.

Weighted, engraved, and solid, these elegant fountain pens will make him feel like the president as he signs his name on those contracts or invoices.

6. Zippo lighter

There are few things manlier than a Zippo lighter, especially the heavy metal ones retailing for up to $50 or $100. He’ll feel like an action hero every time he flicks open the lighter, even if it’s just to start a fire to burn that pile of dead leaves.

7. Art of Shaving Kit

The Art of Shaving is an established expert in removing bristles from the jaw, and it sells top-notch products that will reinforce your guy’s manliness every time he stands in front of the mirror.

Make him a kit of all of their best products: an old-fashioned straight razor, a tub of shaving foam, a bristle brush, The Art of Shaving soap, and a manly cloth to clean his face once he’s finished.

Complete the kit with the book, The Art of Manliness, and he’s definitely going to feel like the man of the house.

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