4 Ways to Customize Your Bridal Bouquet

Show off your own style and personality by customizing your bridal bouquet. It is always a great idea to add some personal touches to something that truly matters to you. In this case, it will be your big day. So, make it a point to reflect who you are in one of the important things in this precious moment, like your wedding flowers.


Some women could be really artsy and crafty but some just don’t have the time. Adding your own personal touch to once in a lifetime event like this is really ideal. Here are some helpful suggestions on how you can personalize your wedding bouquet:


The arrangement of your bouquet matters a lot. This is actually how it will entirely look like. You have to choose the type of flowers you prefer as well as the color. If there is one particular kind of flower you are eyeing for, then you may choose it. Since you are the bride-to-be, then you have all the rights to select what you want. But remember to consider some necessary things as well.


It is up to you what design you opt for your wedding bouquet. As long as it matches your wedding motif or theme, then you are on it. Some brides choose to decorate their bouquets with memorable designs or the things that fascinate them. You all have the available options in the world and all you need is to decide on the best one that symbolizes yourself.

Add Special Accents

There are brides who put a certain accent to their wedding bouquets in memory of their beloved someone. A good example of this is when the bride lost her father, mother, or any loved ones. For that matter, then incorporates a special memorabilia that reminds him of her in her own bouquet. Moreover, this is to show that their departed loved ones are still remembered and part of the ceremony.


Of course, the whole bouquet wouldn’t be complete without wrapping it up. The most common way to wrap it is through a ribbon. Choose elegant ribbons that come with your theme and wrap it in such a way that it will look incredibly wonderful.

Designing your own bouquet could really be exciting. It makes you feel more hands-on on your event when you are the one who decorates it. Local florists can provide you with ‘common’ flowers. If you want to get more extraordinary, you may want to order online. Online florist like Fresh Flowers offers a range of elegant flowers perfect for any event. They do flower delivery in Melbourne and other cities worldwide.

Nothing compares to a personalized bouquet that you, yourself, made or designed. While it takes a lot of time to do it, still it will be worth it once you see it’s finally done. No matter how busy you get preparing for your big day, make sure to find time customizing even the little things for this special occasion.

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