4 Different Ways to Use Personalised Chocolates at Your Wedding

It’s the little things that count and no more so than at a wedding. You want your guests to have a good time and remember your marriage ceremony, and you also care about the details that add up to this experience. So, because everyone loves chocolate, why not think about some unique and inventive ways to incorporate chocolate into your wedding plans – and even better, personalised chocolates? Here are some ideas to get you started.

1. Personalised Chocolate Wedding Favours

Chocolate is the ideal medium to show your thanks for attending a wedding. Why not make up small chocolate gifts with the recipient’s initials spelled out in chocolate letters? There are also other ways to personalise the chocolate favour with hearts, flowers, or even photos. Check with suppliers like https://www.morsetoad.com/ for options.

2. Personalised Wedding Invitations

Maybe you don’t send a chocolate invite to everyone on your list but the special people could get a personal message spelled out in chocolate, perhaps with added personalisation in the form of a photo or a handwritten note. You can also use chocolate to form part of the save the date announcement for special guests.

3. Chocolate Place Settings

Place names at the wedding breakfast can be spelled out in chocolate letters or you can use cake pops or lollipops in chocolate with names attached on labels. Again, you can also add other personalised options like a photo. The bonus is that guests get to eat their place setting as soon as they feel like it!

4. Chocolate Thank You Presents

You’re going to have a lot of people to thank after the big day. Send a gift of chocolate to say the magic words. This could be in the form of a box of chocolates, or a more personalised option like a giant cookie with their name on it, or a personalised message spelled out in chocolate letters. It is a great idea to include a photo from the happy occasion so that your guests can enjoy reliving the memories of a great day.

Chocolate is a versatile way to say thanks, congratulations, or simply, you’re invited. Make sure you get your chocolate gifts from a high quality supplier so that people remember the taste of the gift as well as the gesture.

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