3 Ways to Make Your Wedding a Little More Unique

 Everyone wants their big day to be really memorable, so most wedding planners, brides and grooms are working hard to think up some truly unique ideas that will make their whole wedding experience interesting, special, and beyond anything imaginable! There are even brides who are testing out the weirdest ideas out there… such as having animals as wedding guests, serving their guests a feast of candy, and having a cosplay dress code.


Here are a few ideas you might like to try out for yourself, these ideas might require a little bravery, but there’s no doubt you’ll leave a lasting impression on your guests!


Have a picnic wedding


 1 picnice wedding

Hunters Picnic Flask from http://www.ptarmiganclothing.co.uk/


Forget the feast. Guests often don’t enjoy excessively fancy food or 3-course dinners anyway, so if you’re planning a spring or summer wedding, why not consider packing up a few hampers of picnic food instead? You and your guests can sit on pretty plaid blankets in a field, and enjoy cupcakes, victoria sponge, sandwiches, and jelly and ice cream under a canopy of fairy lights and lanterns! It’s especially romantic.


Hire a Petting Zoo


 1 pony

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Got a lot of little ones coming to your wedding? Well this is certainly one way of keeping them entertained. Plenty of services out there offer hireable petting zoos, so you can have donkeys, ponies, goats, chickens and bunnies at your wedding! What could be better? Some services will also offer pony rides for children, just make sure you also stock up on childrens’ riding gear from somewhere like Edgemere.


Have a Geeky Wedding Cake


1 wedding cake

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Are you and your other half a bit geeky? Why not embrace it and have a cake designed that represents your favourite TV program, film or game? There are no rules to a wedding, so if you don’t want a white wedding cake, you don’t have to have one!

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