3 Settings for Wonderful Outdoor Weddings

If you recently got engaged and you’re exploring all your options for the big day, have you thought about an outdoor ceremony? In Australia couples can get married anywhere providing a registered celebrant conducts the ceremony and you are not trespassing. How cool is that? Other countries aren’t quite so lucky when it comes to freedom around where you can marry. For example, in the UK a venue has to have a licensed room for a legal union. That said, they do have some pretty cool castles there that are licenced wedding venues.

An outdoor wedding is a natural choice for many Australian couples because there are so many beautiful places to hold a ceremony. And, depending on how savvy you are with your choices, there are some fantastic potential cost savings to be had too. According to recent figures from Wedded Wonderland, the average Australian wedding costs $51,245 with the venue itself usually the biggest cost. In addition, the cost of hiring venues has risen significantly according to the publication. So, if you can manage to hold part or your entire day outdoors in a cost-free setting, you could help to bring down your budget or free up cash to spend on other elements.

Heading outdoors isn’t all about saving though, over in the US, millenials are reportedly choosing outdoor weddings as part of a move away from traditional wedding packages. It’s often far easier to create a unique ceremony by stepping away from the constraints that come from working with established venues. Sound appealing? Here are three popular tried and tested outdoor settings that could let you put your own unique stamp on your nuptials.

Woodland Wedding

Want to feel at one with nature on your big day? Maybe you love the idea of having a fairytale-inspired ceremony? Woodland weddings can feel really magical and work wonderfully combined with pagan rituals such as floral wedding altars and handfasting.


One of the biggest advantages of holding an enchanted forest themed ceremony is the fact that nature will have decorated the surroundings for you. You can keep things minimal with lights and wildflowers and dress the scene really simply. With plenty of shade and shadow, there should be some good photo conditions too.


Not all wooded areas are particularly accessible so you’ll need to do your research to find a suitable spot with good access and consider parking options. If you choose to hold your wedding breakfast in the same spot, your catering choices are likely to be quite restricted. However, things like individual or group picnic baskets can work really well, just make sure you clean up thoroughly.

Most suited to

Nature lovers, spiritual types, hikers, fairytale fans.

Backyard wedding

Fancy a wedding with a rustic secret garden vibe or maybe your own festival with a marquee or tepees? Maybe you like the idea of doing all the food and decorations yourself and getting your friends and family involved? Holding a wedding in your backyard can give you great control over having your big day your way. To expand your options when it comes to catering and entertainment, look for generators for sale that can power things like extra refrigeration, cooking areas or a great sound system. Depending on the number of guests you may also want to think about hiring external toilets so that people don’t need to head indoors.


An at-home ceremony has huge potential to reduce costs. You’re more likely to feel relaxed in familiar surroundings and with plenty of access to the venue; you can go to town with personal touches and take your time with the tidy up too. You could even plant flowers in the space for timely decoration.


The potential added stress of having lots of guest in yours or your parent’s home shouldn’t be overlooked. You’ll need to consider parking and you may find you worry about damages and noise issues for neighbours. In fact, if you’ve got any neighbours you’d prefer not to invite, you may find it tricky to exclude them when they’re so close by.

Most suited to

Those who want to rope in friends and family and weddings planned at shorter notice.

Beach wedding

You can marry on most beaches in Australia, and with blue skies, beautiful sand and picture-perfect scenery, why wouldn’t you want to? A beach ceremony can be the ultimate chilled affair where you can dress down, feel the sand between your toes and say your vows to the backdrop of waves lapping at the shore.


Beach weddings are perfect for stripped back and relaxed days and all those coastal photographs will look stunning. If you’re active types, you could even combine your ceremony with beach games.


You’re not allowed to consume alcohol on all beaches, though you could always head elsewhere for the reception if you’re so inclined. You’ll also need to choose a relatively secluded spot or risk having bystanders.

Most suited to

If you’re a surf fan or a couple who shared their first date at the beach, this could be the big day for you!

What do you think? Would you enjoy a wonderful woodland wedding, a seaside ceremony or a backyard bonanza?

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